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Safety Showers, LLC
We are a small, locally-owned Better Business Bureau A+ rated company because we do quality work and stand behind it with a Warranty.  With us, you talk to the Owner and he is on the job doing the work. One Call Does It All--- Just Sit Back and Watch us Replace Your Dangerous Bathtub with a New Cultured Marble Safety Shower in a few days, on a schedule we provide in writing, at your convenience!

Enjoy a refreshing shower in safety with the services from Home Plus Safety Showers LLC. Through our shower replacement services, we replace your old tub with a modern shower designed to prevent slips and falls.

We repair and replace all types of showers which you may have including tile, fiberglass, and cultured marble.  We also replace all bathtubs including cast iron, steel and fiberglass.  We use the new and stronger cultured marble floor, walls, and ceiling with triple reinforced shower pan.

Every shower is custom built just for YOUR needs!

Safety Showers is ALL we do!  We specialize in safety.

Also handicap toilets and matching sink tops or just safety bars added to your existing bathing facilities.  Be safe, not sorry.  One lady said that her Home Plus Safety Shower was the best gift she ever gave to herself.

Call before someone you care about falls.  Spend a little money and save them from the pain and suffering of a slip and fall getting in
or out of their bathtub!  They will thank and love you for it!  Sooner or later, EVERYONE falls.  It's not a matter of if, but when! 
If they did not take a bath with their phone, then they just have to lay there until you discover them.  No one wants that.
Home Plus Safety Showers LLC
Home Plus Safety Showers LLC